MATSUOKA Hiroki Works

Photograph works of Hawaii, "土水空 PLEiN"

About the "土水空 PLEiN"

""[tsuchi] is land, ""[mizu] is water, ""[sora] is sky. These are Japanese.
"PLEiN" is plenty. This is French.
I express how the earth is plentiful with land, water and sky.
The plants, the animals and the humans are a part of the land.

The filming site is Kauai island, Molokai island, Maui island, and Hawaii island in the state of Hawaii.
I'm Japanese, but Hawaii makes me feel both settled and excited.
And I feel I'm a part of nature.

I wish to express my gratitude to Hawaii that has plenty of the elements.
And I respect the Hawaiian people for always protecting their land.

I express the photographic work "土水空 PLEiN" with a camera and computer.


works button01, Maui island, Moonset works button01, Kauai island, Sky, Forest, Mountain works button01, Maui island, Sky, Sunrise, Sun, Sea works button01, Maui island, Sea, Wave, Spindrift works button01, Maui island, Sea, Sky, Meadow, Grass, Wind works button02, Maui island, Sea, Wave works button02, Maui island, Sky, Sun, Cloud works button02, Maui island, Lizard, Leaf works button02, Maui island, Sea, Sky, Sun, Cloud works button02, Maui island, Leaf, Sky, Sun, Cloud, trees works button03, Maui island, Sea, Wave, Whale works button03, Hawaii island, Sky, Grass, Cloud works button03, Hawaii island, Sea, Wave, Green Sand Beach works button03, Maui island, Mauna Loa, Snow, Sky, mountain works button03, Hawaii island, Black lava rock

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